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Racker - Someone who successfully collects sports memorabilia, such as autographs or sports cards that they have been trying hard to obtain.
Ex. “You are lucky you got that Willie Mays’ Rookie Card! You are such a RACKER”.

Ex. “Man, I can’t believe you got Michael Jordan’s Autograph! You are such a RACKER”.
by srrgfs January 09, 2010
Someone who successfully collects difficult to find sports memorabilia like autographs or trading cards.
You are lucky you got Willie Mays' autograph! You are such a racker.
by dpost January 08, 2010
An employee of Rackspace.
A large group of Rackers busted their humps for months on end to release the new Cloud Control Panel.
by YaacovP August 15, 2013
Slang term for someone who masturbates.
1) Put your cock away, you racker!
2) Stop racking one off and do some work!
3) Don't even think about having a rack!
by Mr Curt September 20, 2006
1. being really really awesome
2. a person who does stuff that are retarded but cool in a way
dude 1: i got a $150 hoodie
dude 2: nice
dude 1: i know
dude 1: here, ill show you
*shows a really awesome hoodie*
dude 2: racker!!!

guy 1: i jumped off a cliff yesterday
guy 2: haha wtf
guy 2: how high?
guy 1: just about 8ft
guy 2: wow racker!
by the dantey April 23, 2009
Someone who fluffs breasts of strippers at tittie bars or houses of sexual intercourse usually a male.
Where is the racker my tits are so droopy right now!
by fluffer butt June 23, 2007
Someone who has/still does, forget the height of their vehicle and drives through carparks exceeding the maximum height, therefore destroying the racks on top of the vehicle.
"Dude, i was in the city the other night, and i forgot my ute was higher then 1.7 meters..."


"Well, my racks were at 90 degrees, now they're at an 80 degree slant..."


" a Racker..."
by you fail hard olololol July 06, 2009
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