Elite band of merrymen consisting of sharp wit and banter, and no girls allowed (NGA).

A rival all female group "The Flannel" has tried to compete, but they are just a joke. However, they do provide lesbian entertainment when very pished.
The Panel. There is only one.
by Tunic March 10, 2005
A hot lady or ladies. Generally used when you think your mates chat up line will fail due to the women's hotness so he must go home alone and do some DIY
Woah now thats some panel!
Check out the panel!
by Michael P J December 18, 2007
The flap of skin that hangs from the stomach covering the vagina. Usually worn by overweight woman.
"Brian was so desperate, that he had a one night stand with that one girl and flipped up her panel."
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
it's a french word use only in saguenay lac-st-jean to represent a chevyvan or it's équivalent
t'a tu vue le beau panel!
by hugo March 31, 2004
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