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a girl who is truly amazing, unbelievable, indescribable, wonderful, and perfect in every way possible
Im the luckiest man in the world to have Rachelle.
by Wrd2UrMotha July 10, 2008
The most amazing, sweetest, cute, beautiful, breathtaking, dazzling, girl in the world who is everything I could ever want and ever will need she is perfect.
I am the most rewarded guy in the world to have such an amazing girl like Rachelle as mine.
by Xukinugo July 25, 2008
Someone people always wants to be friends with because not only is she the most intelligent, and the most beautiful, she is also the kindest; simply the BEST friend
Rachelle, Gitchy gitchy goo!3=(O.o)=E
by =| January 27, 2009
A beyond beautiful girl, hot, she is nice and caring, does not think of herself as beautiful though, she somtimes says things she does not mean, and hurts other peoples feelings, though she rarly never means it.

she is loving caring thoughtful

is quite flirtatious
is great when you get to know her, even right when you meet her, does not like to be the center of attention alot, likes it somtimes,
makes a great girlfriend
will be with you forever
jack: did you hear that that hot babe over there has been friends with her bestie since they were born, and the have only had 1 major fight,

joe: wow, she is so a rachelle
by luv me sum bootay January 07, 2010
An awesome person, always caring and loyal. Seems to prefer fighting her battles on her own but will always come and help a mate in need. She is pretty in her own way and has an amazing personality. Life has pushed her down many times but every single time she manages to get back up for another round. Fun-loving and often shy at first, once you get to know her a real gem will be revealed <3
Oh wow, Rachelle is still smiling after all the universe has put her through!
by Ya best mate ;) November 15, 2013
The token black chick of the gang.
Every group needs its very own Rachelle. You feel me?
by Pink Suga August 04, 2011
To rachelle your way out of something means to back out of something you've promised you'd be a part of for weeks at the last possible minute.

People who rachelle their way out of things usually use some awful excuses they've built up for days to justify their actions.
Hey dude, is Lindsay still coming out tonight?

Nah man she totally rachelled her way out of it.
by Baba the bruce February 23, 2011
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