A girl who is one of kind , truley amazing , no one can competite with her . She knows how to pleases guys in the best way she can . She loves her best friends , and fights for what she loves . She is short , brown hair && eyes . BIG MOUTH ! (used alot ! ) (; When you make a mistake its not something to be frowned upon , its more of a HOLLY moment and you laugh . Makes mistakes alot , but finds the perfect way to make it better .
Best friend : " you know today i stayed up all night and didnt sleep all day , i said wow , im doing a Rachelle . "
by Holly boo <3 January 02, 2011
an action in which a person does something ironic but the outcome is good.
" The weirdest thing happened today."
"What was that?"
"This totally hot guy that I totally thought was interested in this other girl asked me out. It was really ironic"
"Wow, what a rachelle."
by rachelle hansen May 06, 2008
A beautiful girl who's afraid of the game hide and seek
Hey Rachelle lets play hide and seek

I dont like that game..i play it then i'll get scared
by Runner2669 June 18, 2011
normally an asian girl who is way over dramatic and is a stuck up bitch. but sometimes she can be nice if you get on her right side. she is very loving and generous at that point. when she gets mad at you it will be that way for a long time.. especially when you tell you dont wanna be her personal bitch. also extremely controlling
Man, that girl is such a Rachelle.
by lover1349 May 12, 2009
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