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Ryl stands for "Re-evaluate your life." It is only used when you do or see something so stupid you have to go re-evaluate your life choices.
Jackie: "Hey have you seen Tom?"

Jason: "He got drunk and threw up all over his sister at her wedding. She told him to go ryl so I guess that's what he's doing."
by xAwesomeSaucex April 26, 2016
Risk Your Life, Newer Version - RYLU, Risk Your Life Underground.

Free Online MMORPG Although People developed hacks and Many people left the game.

Before The Game Cost To Play, Now You Can Play Free But If You Want To Keep The Server Running, Then Donate.

Also The Chat, Its Dominated By Stupid Malaysian People Saying "Gm Lagg La" GM - game Moderator
A: Going to download RYLU..

B: Cool Whats that!?

Me: Im on rylu and all these people are pissing me off with "lagg gm la"

Friend: LOL!
by BLaCk-HoODeD-MoNGoOse June 24, 2007
A new Online RPG...though run by very cheap people.
Mom just bought the game Ryl, which said it had a free month of online play. When she went to get her account set up, they made her pay another thirty dollars for her free trial.
by Dragonn August 19, 2005
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