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Literally means "I humbly recieve" in Japanese. Can be put in the place of saying grace. Most often said before eating. Otaku can be caught saying this.
A typical Japanese family sits down for dinner, then pick up their chopsticks. Before they eat, they proudly shout "Itadakimasu!"
by Ami-chan August 02, 2010
Originally used by Nana Komatsu, this is a name she made up when she kept imagining that her boyfriend Shouji was having a secret relationship in the anime/manga "Nana". Eventually, he did cheat on her, with a girl named Sachiko Kawamura.

A Sachiko is often described as a "man stealer".

A Sachiko is actually really sweet and is unaware of the man she's dating's other girlfriend/wife
Shouji and Sachiko go to the same school, are going for the same major, and even work together! Kyousuke, who only likes tan girls even thinks she's cute. This could be bad... And it did get bad. Go watch Nana episode 14.
by Ami-chan August 03, 2010
To run away, but in a strategic manner.

Used When:

- Every last resource is washed up

- All hope for winning is lost

- You aren't sure what to do next

- Your enemy will surely plow you into the ground

Often used in anime such as Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple.
A failed attempt at strategic withdrawl:

Girl: *runs away* Strategic withdrawl! *throws excessive amounts of food at guy*

Guy: *catches all food, unfazed*

A successful attempt at strategic withdrawl:

"Hero": Crap, I guess it's time for STRATEGIC WITHDRAWL! *throws large amounts of dirt at enemy's face while running away*

Bad Guy: Dammit, always with the strategic withdrawl! *cough cough*
by Ami-chan August 01, 2010
Another way of saying "oh really" on the internet. Slang.
Dude: O ryl?

Guy: Yeah, ryl.

Dude: ..I don't think so.

Guy: But it's true.

Dude: O ryl?

Guy: Yeah, ryl.
by Ami-chan August 04, 2010
A character from the well-known series Dragonball (Z, GT, Kai)... An alias of Jesus, in popular culture, but his popularity is actually very overrated.
Person: Hmm... What's another name for Jesus?

Retard: GOKU!

Person: ...no, I seriously wanna know, you retard.
by Ami-chan August 01, 2010
Happens when anyone bends over for any reason and another person (or group of people) charges at their butt in an attempt to rape said person or otherwise.
John: Oh, look, a penny! *bends over to pick it up*

Gary and Tim: BUTT RUSH!!!!!!!
by Ami-chan August 24, 2010
The most illogical, pointless anime in the world. Originally based on the game series " Sengoku Basara", one of the worst things to ever seep from the depths of Capcom.
Kid1: Hey, have you seen the new episode of Sengoku Basara yet?

Kid2: Shut the hell up, man, that show bites more ass than the video game version!
by Ami-chan July 29, 2010

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