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3 definitions by BLaCk-HoODeD-MoNGoOse

What people say to make "no" sound better, also reflects on personality if you feel a certain way.
A: You wanna come to town with me today?

B: Naw i cant be asked..

C: O.. kk
by BLaCk-HoODeD-MoNGoOse June 23, 2007
The combination of the words -
PMSL (Piss My self Laughing)
LOL (Laug out loud)
LMAO (Laugh my ass off)

That i randomly made up when i was laughing over msn because of some scottish guy was talking down mic.
Me: Your Ginger go eat haggis
Scottish Guy: *Mic* Ya Wee Ginger Prick.
by BLaCk-HoODeD-MoNGoOse June 24, 2007
Risk Your Life, Newer Version - RYLU, Risk Your Life Underground.

Free Online MMORPG Although People developed hacks and Many people left the game.

Before The Game Cost To Play, Now You Can Play Free But If You Want To Keep The Server Running, Then Donate.

Also The Chat, Its Dominated By Stupid Malaysian People Saying "Gm Lagg La" GM - game Moderator
A: Going to download RYLU..

B: Cool Whats that!?

Me: Im on rylu and all these people are pissing me off with "lagg gm la"

Friend: LOL!
by BLaCk-HoODeD-MoNGoOse June 24, 2007