Acronym for Retek Store System

RSS is accessible via Employee Tool Kit (ETK) at all Best Buy stores. It is used to check on information for all products in the store. With a SKU or UPC, you can find out everything there is to know about a product in Best Buy through RSS.
Me: Sir, I don't know whether this product is in stock, but I can check on our computer, using RSS.
Customer: Huh? What's that?
by Bitchin' Kitchen January 08, 2006
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RSS (an acronym for "Rich Site Summary" and later coined "Really Simple Syndication") is a way for web sites to summarize their content, such as news articles, to make it available in a different view.
Yahoo News (RSS) headlines can be viewed like bookmarks in Firefox or viewed like email in Thunderbird.

Many web sites generate RSS feeds such as the BBC News (RSS), Yahoo News (RSS), and your favorite Blog. RSS comes in many flavors, including RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom -- and Mozilla Firefox supports them all.

You can find many RSS feeds at: Technorati, Feedster, and
by Kevin Goh March 01, 2005
(Also known as Rich Site Summary) A system often used with XML
to create channels that one suscribes to and views via a news reader or other special system.
Our new RSS feed will make it easier for people to see what's up with us!
by Falconrath September 15, 2003
Most commonly referred to as Really Simple Syndication. This is a format used in the internet community to help standardize the syndication of information. This syndication is also refered to as a 'feed,' and is normally in XML or RDF codebase. It is very popular to use what is called an 'aggregator' or 'newsreader' to download these 'feeds' onto a users desktop.
The website's RSS feed had a daily syndication.
by The Wanderer May 30, 2005
(an acronym for really sick shit)
As in Scary Movie 3.

The Architect: "We loved our daughter very much, but she was evil. Made the horses crazy. Killed our puppies. Hid the remote. Really sick shit (RSS)."
by madesimple December 11, 2009
General information delivered in abbreviated or condensed form. Used in the same context as the classic "411", or "skinny" on a given subject.
Here's the RSS on the new food policy for the office. What's the RSS on the new guy?
by jmac10 May 29, 2008
Stands for Racial Stereotype Syndrome. A sarcastic short name to describe the behavior of racist people.
John: Why does Kathy make stereotypical assumptions about every non-white person even without knowing them?
Richard: Well John, what can I say; She suffers from RSS. Apparently, there's no cure for this disease yet.
by mrbuggy December 10, 2013
Snickering. Brazilian equivalent of lol (laughing out loud) often used in online chat.

Note: The number of s's after r are variable.
Then he let a loud one go...rss
by Burro November 29, 2007

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