The three biggest rules when a major fight is about to or is already happening.

Guy1: Two girls are fighting in the cafeteria!!!

Guy2: So you came here to tell me?! Go back down there and RSS!!
by call me Bacon February 16, 2011
Rotten Snatch Syndrome

when female do not properly clean their genitals, it becomes foul and odorous, making it unbearable to be around.
katy had some bad RSS today, it smelt like there was road kill in her pants
by thnudermango May 03, 2010
Acronym for Retek Store System

RSS is accessible via Employee Tool Kit (ETK) at all Best Buy stores. It is used to check on information for all products in the store. With a SKU or UPC, you can find out everything there is to know about a product in Best Buy through RSS.
Me: Sir, I don't know whether this product is in stock, but I can check on our computer, using RSS.
Customer: Huh? What's that?
by Bitchin' Kitchen January 08, 2006
non-stop smack talker that continually feeds negativity... such an rss --> such an "arse"
Eddie kannot go one second without putting someone or something down, he is such an rss.
by e to the k September 15, 2008
Rumour Spreading Shop
GREATEST BUTcher of world namely Hitler ran a Rumour Spreadind Shop IN FORM OF a propaganda ministry. On a similar ppatrern in India there is a 75 Years old Hindu fascistRumour Spreadind Shop (known as RSS)which spreads falsehood , hatered, riots against christians, muslims, sikhs and dalit(low caste people). two yeras back Terrorism REsearch Centre of America had added RSS of India as among the dreadliest terrorists organisations of the world.
by gullu November 01, 2007
Rumour Spreading Shop. This is a shop of hindus with head office in indian city of Nagpur and business franchisees all over the country and all main countries of with commodities like clash of civilization , minority-phobia, business over bugbear of muslim terrorism . this itself has been included amongt the 25 dreadliest terrorist organisations othe world by Terrorism Research Centre (TRC ) of America.Involved in cruel violence and murder of thosands of Christians in India especilaly in sates of Gujrat and orrissa.Killer of Mahatma Gandhi , Nathu Ram gODSE , WHO WAS ALSO FIRST HINDU TERRORIST OF INDEPENDENT INDIA BELONGED to this shop. tHIS SHOP HAS BROUGHT bad name to otherwise moderate classical hinduism practised by secularists like Mahatma Gandhi ,Swami vivekanand, maharishi etc .
rss gorakh-dhahda, business of terrorism , killers of gandhi, khooni, pakhandi
by john francios March 21, 2008
A hindu Terrorist group in India
which also got branches in countries
like Pakistan,USA,UK,Bangladesh,Fiji,Mauritious,
Surinam,West Indies and Oman
Man who killed Gandhi?
Godse a RSS worker
man Fuck all these goddamn RSS gays
by schwagster April 07, 2005

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