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Rumour Spreading Shop
GREATEST BUTcher of world namely Hitler ran a Rumour Spreadind Shop IN FORM OF a propaganda ministry. On a similar ppatrern in India there is a 75 Years old Hindu fascistRumour Spreadind Shop (known as RSS)which spreads falsehood , hatered, riots against christians, muslims, sikhs and dalit(low caste people). two yeras back Terrorism REsearch Centre of America had added RSS of India as among the dreadliest terrorists organisations of the world.
by gullu November 01, 2007
one who calls cow as his mother , but denies bull as his father
hindus regard cow ( that too only indian breed and none else) as their mother and drink its urine. but they sell away this mother when it goes dry on milk or goes old , which then roams in markets of India eating decomposing vegetables and garbage.
by gullu November 01, 2007
the cow urine drinker
orthodox hindus ( called as Bra mans)insist stupidly that their indian cow urine is remedy to all diseases. so they drink it with joy and call it as gau- mutar. but say only cow ( not any other milch animals like buffalo, goat, sheep , camel etc)and that too indian cow urine have such properties, based on their bloody mythological scriptures.
by gullu November 01, 2007
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