An owl that goes: 'ROWL'

Another way to say: 'meol!'
Rowl! What are you doing with my chicken?
by Shane M December 02, 2004
Top Definition
The slang word for BEAST.
The basketball player is hella rowl.
by Rowlman November 16, 2009
ROWL - "Rolling On Wall Laughing"

Similar to ROFL, but used to convey something so hilarious, you literally need to roll yourself along the wall laughing to contain get it all out or you'll die!
OMG, that shit is too funny, I'm ROWL'ing right now!
by Hoaxboy October 22, 2013
much like LMFAO or ROFL it is a way of describing much laughter. fun, because few people have heard of it.... only cool people understand ROWL...
-did you see that youtube video?
-yeah, it made me ROWL
by jjcoolmcdude April 26, 2011
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