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"Just Kidding"

An evolution of the acronym "jk" for "just kidding" is associated with the celebrated author J.K. Rowling. Over time, the "J.K." was dropped and shortened the term to "Rowling"
"He said that he didn't feel like coming to the party, but when he eventually showed up, he claimed he was just Rowling."
by Asa Aequitas August 17, 2007
Rowling is the author of Harry potter, and has a great mind for telling childrens books. If you haven't read harry potter then get on because the last book is coming out soon.
rowling writes harry potter books
by Karen Clark August 20, 2006
A term for being under the effects of cannabis (jay) and ketamine (kay): J.K. Rowling.
Man I'm Rowling so hard right now.
by Xepplin December 24, 2009
Rowling is shooting someone in the head repeatedly with a Battle Rifle in Halo 2 or 3.
"Oh snap! He got Rowled!"

"Man you are rowling people all over the place today!"
by Kypster28 October 02, 2009
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