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Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off; usually used in Internet Relay Chats so that one does not have to type all those words!
<shiznit>That guys a homo!
by Mark Real April 11, 2003
25 22
Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.
by Scott Sasaki July 19, 2002
785 210
roll on the floor laughing my ass off
'whats going on??'
by whitetiger16 January 10, 2004
467 304
Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
I was ROTFLMAO after I heard that joke.
by Stephen April 11, 2003
198 89
A chatroom abbreviation used mainly by imbeciles, usually in response to something mildly, often very mildly, amusing. People who use this type of shorthand should be avoided like the Spanish flu.
I would've married her, but I found out that she goes into chatrooms and uses shorthand like LOL and ROTFLMAO. Therefore, I broke off our engagement and changed the locks to my apartment.
by My dixie wrecked November 25, 2003
627 532
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
None Needed-I Hope
by Edbro April 11, 2003
162 113
The resulted offspring in the combonation of the two most powerful words in the history of the intarweb.

They share custody of the 'l'
by crackaplz May 19, 2003
158 120
1. Abbreviated form of Rotten Flamingo (if spelled oddly)
2. Chat/MSG speak for "Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off." For the insanely lazy and long-winded.
1. Look at that plastic ROTFLMAO in that yard.

2. ROTFLMAO!!!! You are SOOOO funny!
by Moose September 24, 2003
118 85