1) The sound one makes while vomiting.
"Dude I think I'm going to be sick. -ROTFLMAO-"

"What the fuck are you thinking? My parents just bought that carpet!"
by A Mountain Skoal July 16, 2006
An overused, stupid, useless, pointless, fucked up, acronym for "netspeek" that, no longer, means anything. Surprising they can't even say "lol" when they laugh. They NEVER roll on the floor. They just type it to make them seem cool. Same goes for "lmao" and "lmfao." Dont give me that bullshit about taking it "literally." ITS WHAT IT STANDS FOR. HOW ABOUT YOU GROW THE FUCK UP AND NOT BE A TOTAL FUCKING MORON ON THE INTERNET. Thank you.
True Dual: Dude, my dog is sleeping for like the second time today.
i r t3h m0r0n: ROtFLMAO!! ya dood, my dog alwayz sleeps n im lik WTF u alwayz sleep n i alwayz tri 2 wake him up, BUT HE SLEEPS1!! LMAO!!!
True Dual: Im glad you're enjoying yourself by laughing hysterically.
by Trans am October 02, 2005
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
He said " That bitch is so stupid rotflmao" when he texted his friend
by Youve just been man-handled May 08, 2016
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