Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
Rainbow_____roCK:Heyy dude

Bro123:yo wot's happenin?

Rainbow_____roCK:nothing guess what
You know amber?

Bro123:yeah wot bout her?

Rainbow_____roCK:well she called me a dog's ass!!

Bro123:ROTFLMAO......well she wasnt lying =]

Rainbow_____roCK:shut up asshole!!
by MissChicken-xx April 25, 2008
Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
by Coops April 11, 2003
Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.
by Scott Sasaki July 19, 2002
Acronym for "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off"

Used by jackasses who think they are too cool to simply use "LOL" ("Laughing Out Loud") or that by using it, it signifies that they are into "pop culture."
by The A-dot-R April 11, 2003
Dumbass webslang that retards use because they can't spell.
Me: Damn, stop using acronyms. If something's funny, say "Haha" like the rest of us, you fucker. Webslang is bullshit.
by The Alkaline Cyber Skank March 07, 2004
Rotflmao is a word used by those who repeatedly hear the acronym " LOL " and find it extremely monotonous.

Rotflmao was created by 3 fat men at a pub in bournemouth, England upon watching their dear fat friend jim rolling on the floor laughing his ass off at a joke made by fat friend jeff.
jeff: " me "trouble and strife" (wife)is sooooo ugly"

bill: "ROTFLMAO"
by jimmeny cricket January 06, 2004

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