Can be used instead of 'go', 'do' etc.
"You wanna risk the shop?" - Would you care to attend the shop with me?


"Jaysus, I'd love to risk her." - Goodness, I would enjoy having relations with that beautiful lady.
by JamieFTW November 29, 2007
Top Definition
Best board game ever
RISK rules all games
by Not Jon September 24, 2003
used to describe a bad or potentially disastorous situation or condition.
"Can't believe they're knocking the Brig down to make flats.."
"Ken, it's risk like."

"Awww naah, nae mair Buckfast for me, I'm feelin a bit risk."
by anna apple October 12, 2003
Acronym for Reduced Income Several Kids.
In the 80's and nineties, sociologists identified a subpopulation of the Baby Boom generation consisting of childless couples both engaged in primarily professional occupations. Designated by the acronym DINK ( Double Income No Kids), this group had substantial disposable income and heped drive the luxury markets of the time.

Approximately 20 years later, the DINK has evolved into the RISK ( Reduced Income Several Kids) and from the luxury standpoint is merely indisposed.
by Pbaddy November 30, 2009
A risk is a person who exhibits homo-erotic or excessively cheesy behaviour. This could be a reference to the following:

Effeminate qualities
Excessively gaudy or inappropriate clothing
Cheesy or general tacky behaviour and looks.

This can lead to different uses of the word such as 'risky' when pertaining to someone's aesthetic as opposed to simply embodying a 'risk' in it's true form.

'Check that guy out! Risky bloke!'

'That chick sounds like the biggest risk'
'That guy's the biggest fucking risk ever'

'Is that bloke wearing the riskiest shirt ever or is it just me?!'

'How risky was that chick's head?'

*tosser says something completely unfunny*
'Yeah thanks risk...'
by TedTheodoreLogan May 04, 2009
Rape Intimidate Steal Kill , can be used to describe a person/place/thing.
"Man I was in my car with my girl smoking a fattie, and all the sudden there was a gang of R.I.S.K. outside my car trying to take my weed and fuck my lady !"
by niggerama March 13, 2009
Used to describe someone who is good-looking, but under the age for consentual sex.
"Damn, she's hot!" "No way man, she's risk."
by NukeBird November 17, 2003

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