Authors: Andrew Sprowl and Courtney Wileman
Views on Religion
Clubatory: Risk

There are so many religions and beliefs in this world you can’t even keep track. In this, high pace, hellish lifestyle society lives and breathers each day can be quit hectic. Who has time to do things like, going to church, or open and read the Bible? The truth is, no one really. People who have lives can’t. Even if they wanted to, the closest thing they get to is searching religions on Wikipedia. That’s why I am here to say that you can go out and look. Look for a new, more exciting religion. It IS ok.

One night two teenage kids devised a plan to outwit Heaven and Hell. They talked and devised a place where you go when you die. A world that is never ending. This place is between the two “known destinations”. A Clubatory if you will. If you believe in it then it believes in you.

This night club is closer to Hell then heaven only in the way that sin and lust are present here. Just as an Earthy club might be. At the front of this erotic, flashing club is a notice that says “Dance at Your Own Risk”. Rightfully, the club is named risk.

Risk is jammed pack full of the hottest and sexiest people. Even if you’re not people there consider you either way. All people can dance just like they were born too. Risk also has a full bar, rave light, the deepest subwoofers and complimentary Bubble Rap floors. It’s a crazy black and red Club. With the newest and sleekest designs and architecture to help you party, trip and just rave.

Dance for eternality. Dance at your own Risk. And live the life you wished, but you never had.
When we die, if willing, you will go to Risk.
by Drew and Courtnugget April 07, 2009
originating in easton, connecticut.
a risk is a person who is:
rich, scene, and emo.
they go to partiees, band shows, and just chill a lot.

its a new group, like you know how schools have the popular kids, geeks, loners, etc well know they have the risks.
come on you know you know someone who is;
they just dont know it yet so tell theemmm
friend 1, "dude, that kid is like emo and rich and he goes to partiees and gets high all the time, im jealous."
friend 2 "yeah man, that dude is a total risk."

friend 1 "she is so sceene rich and a little emo even, but i wonder what group she would be a part of at school"
friend 2 "she definatly would be part of the risks"
by sambuca lover January 26, 2008
a game played by two idiots who can barely manage to run their own lives
(LARRY): Sup dude, I just bought the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Wanna break out Risk and knock back a few beers? (STEVE): Nah man, im into this thing called World of Warcraft. dude you're living in the 60's man. what the hell's your problem, i mean Risk? seriously bro? grow up
by Pimp in the Box December 29, 2008
Three of you and your friends sit on the couch drinking Exlax..try to see who wins.
Zack, Naland and Ryan were sitting on the couch playing Risk. They were drinking Exlax out of the bottle with straws. Naland shit his pants and lost..Ryan ran to the bathroom and spent 47 minutes in there...he got 2nd place..Zack continued to sip on the Exlax until he had consumed 6.5 bottles of Exlax...Zack won.
by The Lochnessa Monster November 16, 2006

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