Rips (romantically inclined pervs), make up about 1 - 3% of the population, they are also referred to as "the other gays that aren't gay," since they have a similar amount of possible mates to choose from. A rip is a tragic figure, who has one or more extreme sexual fetishes, yet needs a loving, and attached relationship to engage in sex. Most rips frequently end up with assholes, who satisfy them well, or lame people, who are sweet, but unsexy.
"She wanted dildo in her ass, while walking hand in hand on the beach, what a rip!" or "she asks for eternal love, and fistings in the same sentence, crazy ass rip!"
by antipancakes March 01, 2013
snortin' a line(s) of cocaine
Lets go do some rips tn
by BOOLO April 19, 2007
taking a hit of a substance from any device for smoking or drinking

hey man come rip the pipe!

its your turn to rip the beer bong.

dude take another rip you pussy
by ffej=jeff January 31, 2008
1. n. acronym for rest in peace
2. v. to inhale a 'hit' of marijuana
3. v. to cheat financially
4. v. to slap on the neck
1. RIP Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)
2. Lemme get a rip off that joint!
3. That salesman is trying to rip me off by selling me an overpriced car.
4. I ripped him so hard, his neck was red for a week!
by soundvirus April 30, 2006
A difference from R.I.P; Rest In Peace. Rip is classified to "Rest In Pepperonis" and is most commonly used after somebody is burned(1) or rekt(2)

1: see REKT
2: When you get destroyed through language.
I 420 noscoped the nub, RIP.
by How To Internet December 11, 2015
Right in the Pussy
Gee I hope Kimberly's okay, that softball hit her R.I.P.
by Jake McGee-Smith August 30, 2013
Often defined as someone doing Chewing tobacco with a large amount of it in their lip.
"Nice Rip"
"Can I put a rip in?"
by BlackDogz September 01, 2008
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