Slang in the "biblical" sense for wife or spouse, as in Adam's rib was used to make Eve.

Sometimes used in a derogatory sense like "ol' ball and chain"...
"Me and the rib will be at the party to watch everyone get plastered tonight"...
by mtg6839 November 19, 2012
The source of all inspiration.
I busted that straight out of my ribs.
by willekers August 16, 2010
Ratio Induced Bitch- normally found at schools where women are in the minority, such as all engineering schools.
"That girl use to be so nice then she went to RPI and got RIBs"
by Rpistudent October 23, 2007
Nowadays, people refer the term "ribbing" as making fun of someone, but in reality, it actually means "I am GOING to attempt to insult you, even though I have do not have a good comeback."
Fellow Student: -happens to glance over at my computer screen, and sees something that isn't too attractive to him- OMG WHAT IS THAT EW OMGWTFBBQ

Myself: I would appreciate that you would keep your opinion to yourself, because I sure as fuck do not care for it.

Fellow Student: -that strange clicking noise that students such as he makes, becomes irritated- ....I'm about to rib..

Myself: -smiles- I'd like to see you do it.

Fellow Student: .....nappy.....hair....

Myself: -smiles wider, gives a chuckle..- Hey, good job. Keep up the good work. -goes back to work-
by ANForever April 29, 2011
The word Ribs comes from an old (now not used !!) Welsh language meaning "small ferocious reptile with bad breath !".

The most distinguished charateristics of the reptile is its mating dance, this was usually preformed on a bar in various clubs and bars, and involved the shaking of it bare arse to any protenial partners. Brightly coloured under garments were sometimed used to out-do other reptiles also trying to attract mates.
The ribs is a small fair but rough skinned reptile now only found in southern Spain
by cookie2008 September 13, 2011
A profane ass word that you call an old ass lady who gives nothing but BJs and Handys......
YO!! that old hag is RIbs bro
by Prof.Cocks October 17, 2012
If your in a gang called Blood. Rib is the same as crib.

"Come smoke a joint in my rib"
by anairam October 05, 2008

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