rib=a woman.women came from adam's rib.
you ribs need to stfu!
by MNF July 19, 2004
To be the best thing in the world ever and much better than other names begginging with "r" such as "rosie" and "rose".
He's amazing hes just "rib"
by Billy111 July 10, 2008
(Verb) To jam ones finger tips into anothers ribcage cause a slightly painful tickling sensation.
"I am going to rib you so hard."
by Spyder Edwards December 06, 2004
Ratio-Induced Bitching Syndrome; When a low number of girls at a school, like an engineering school, causes the guys to feel that they are rejected for no good reason and complain that the girls are full of themselves. Since they start to feel this way they then shun girls who won't just screw them because they are paranoid that everyone is a bitch thereby making it difficult for girls to socialize with guys.
Stacy: RIBS has caused all the guys to be assholes to me because I have a boyfriend and won't screw them.
Elaine: Yea, I know I have the same problem because I don't put out.
by engineeringchick May 19, 2008
Food composed of 43.2% bone, 56.4% "BBQ" sauce and 0.4% meat.

Is known for being gross, unhealthy, and incredibly messy.
I wouldn't be eating these dumb ribs right now if I had something better to eat.
by bobertdude October 27, 2008
Slang term used for marijuana.
Alex-"Aye you got ribs?"
Nicky-"Yeah yeah i got ribs."
by Nikka Nikka March 24, 2009
RIBS: Riddle Induced Bitch Syndrome
The fact that all girls at Embry riddle aeronautical university willcatch this disease
this usually happens at a school where there are extremely few amount of "cute" girls and it gets so bad that the girls you normally wouldnt even look at twice become godesses in the males head. with that the girl starts to believe she is a godess when shes really not
by Tatornuts January 16, 2008

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