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n. Another name for the drug known as speed.

Speed > REO Speedwagon > REO.
Yo man, you got any REO?

Nah man, I don't do that stuff.
by Also Known As Gaz April 10, 2011
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Short For REO SPEEDWAGON. They Got their name from REO wagon. And they Fucking Rock.
The Styx REO and Journey Show was t3h B357 SHOW ev4R!!!1!7!
by 2200 January 24, 2005
1. (adj.) Anything dealing with the following subjects: World War II, firearms, hunting, chewing tobacco, military tactics, incessant rambling.
1. Dude, that's pretty reo.
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
pass us some of that reo mate
by yes October 02, 2003

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