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A Citizen/inhabitant of FLINT MI Typically seen walking on the bricks drinking a 40. Short form is 'toid
Man that Flintoid stole the change out of my LeSabre.
by 2200 January 25, 2005
Goes LIke Hell

a Special Dodge OMni Produced from 1984 to 1986. SOme models had an available Turbo (1985-1986), making them great Sleepers.

It is said that the Great Mr. Shelby gave them this name.
Man that OMNI GLH just smoked my Iroc(Camaro).
by 2200 January 24, 2005
Short For Suzuki Vehicles. Most commonly the Samurai.
D00d Your Jeep got Pwned by that Zuk!1!
by 2200 January 24, 2005
Short For REO SPEEDWAGON. They Got their name from REO wagon. And they Fucking Rock.
The Styx REO and Journey Show was t3h B357 SHOW ev4R!!!1!7!
by 2200 January 24, 2005
An SUV made by Daihatsu.
THat dude is hip, he drives a Rocky.
by 2200 January 24, 2005

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