The exact opposite of a boner; when something is so repulsive that a man's penis shrivels up and goes backwards, until it is through the outer end of his rectum.
The trailer for Shark Night 3D was so awful I got a renob that poked a hole in my chair.
by TheStormPow October 24, 2011
Renob boner spelled backwords.

It can also be used to call some one a name.
Justin is a total renob today.
by grimridersuxcock December 17, 2002
Renob is boner spelt backwards. Many people thought and still think that it means the same thing as boner. but with my degree in ancient language from Harvard and extensive knowledge of a thing called "Mathematics" i've been able to understand that renob= -boner. and as we all know a negative boner is when something is so f@#king gross that it makes your penis deplete in size.
1) dude, have you seen that new chick. danm shes ugly.
2) yeah man, she gave me a massive renob!
by hardstyle1997 July 26, 2011
a renob is when a person is so dumb that they are as smart as a mentally challenged person
1st guy: hey whats that button called with the "A" on it?

2nd guy: its called the A're such a renob!
by xALx xRisingx March 05, 2009
A term used to describe a Washington State native, preferably from Yakima, who has an undying love for Starbucks coffee, Safeway, and working long ass hours at Comcast.
William T. Collins is a renob.
by yakimahaterfromgitmo October 25, 2009
the meaning or term of awesome or as differnt to the point that your cool
by Shaggie Rose March 10, 2010
To have an inverse boner
That guy at the party was a freak he was going around and showing all the girls his renob
by twistedfuq November 09, 2006

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