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a)It's boner spelled backwards. Refers to a dumbass. Usually used after someone does or says something stupid.

b)an erect penis
Dan you renob!! There is no such thing as a off-suite flush.

Matt had a renob after looking at caitlen.
by t-gay August 24, 2006
To take a dump, also known as dropping a duece.
I gotta go take a nº2.
by t-gay October 07, 2006
This occurs when somebody is afraid of someone because they are dressed in streetwear. Streetwear typically includes wearing a hat to the side or backwards with the hanging pants low with a large belt of some sort.

Homeyphobia usually affects older people, they usually draw the conclusion that the guys are gang members and/or drug dealers.
My grandma won't go to the mall anymore, she has homeyphobia.
by T-gay October 06, 2006

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