A retard so stupid they can't even spell retard right.
Omg anyone that failed that test was a total renob!
Renob alert!
by Dawnie September 16, 2007
Girl version of a boner.
HAha, that guy gives me sucha renob
by Jessa & Jessy March 27, 2007
A penis that shrinks instead of grows when the man is horny.
I need to get a doctor to check out this RENOB I got.
by Word to your motha January 01, 2003
New age way of saying my friend needs to obtain some go-nads and hang out with his freinds.
Bros before ho's
by Dylan November 19, 2003
an extremely bad boner.
I have the biggest renob right now.
by princess purple January 07, 2004
A shitty person that likes it in the butt.
That Paul Hodgson guy is such an idiotic renob!
by Fatty McGee December 02, 2003

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