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Stands for Rollercoaster Tycoon.

Highly addictive computer simulation game where you get to run your own theme park. A lot of fun, but is almost too addicting at times!
Must play RCT!
by adonkeyisaass October 12, 2003
The RollerCoaster Tycoon series (Also referred to now as RCT1, RCT2, or RCT3)

This game allows players to build the theme park of their dreams through a simple point-and-click system. RCT1 and RCT2 were both two-dimensional 45 degree-view engines while RCT3 became the first 3D RCT game, which was famous for the "Ride the Rides" feature which allows players to get down at ground level with the park guests and ride the rides in their parks. Other cool features in RCT3 include the new Fireworks Mixmaster, which allows players to design custom fireworks shows to music.
me> brb, playing RCT
by RocketGib June 08, 2005
Short for Rice Krispies Treats as said by Donovan Strain from ButteryAssMondays. No, its not RKT...
You can eat as much RCT as you want before you skate unlike Gatorade that makes you full and hard to get down with it.
by greeeenmajik July 29, 2009
red cup technique. when you drink shots out of red cups. this gets you very shwasted since you arent measuring the alc
dewd yesterday we used rct and got so shammered.
by rct all day July 23, 2010
Short for RollerCoaster Time. A perfectly harmless game to play with children, where its abbreviation, when used ambiguously, can be manipulated to form a sexual innuendo.
"I will give RCT to you, like a boss"
by Mphilly July 04, 2011
Reverse Camel Toe - When a woman, more specifically a stripper, bends over in front of you, ass facing you & you get a reverse angle of her Camel Toe.
DAMN! She's hot & has a great R.C.T.
by 603's Finest May 21, 2008
Abbreviation for the game RollerCoaster Tycoon, a game for stupid retards that allows you to manage a theme park and watch your guests hurl and ride the same rollercoasters again.
IMGAY Auto Away Message: "LOLOLOL RCT YO"
MudPie: "I never knew why I was friends with you in the first place."
by BadDogNoBiscuits September 30, 2003
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