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The action done when switching from anal sex to vaginal sex and back to anal sex again. This is done to avoid dry anal sex, by using the pussyjuice as lubricant.
Anders where banging the young Swedish girl in the ass. He felt it started to get dry, and quickly did the mixmaster move while making a high pitch engine sound "wiirr wirr".
by BeefCake84 December 16, 2008
The person capable of mixing the best alcoholic drinks, even with a lack of ingredients. By combining even the most bizarre and unique beverages that would appear to be a terrible combination, the Mix Master impresses all by creating a delicious mixed drink suitable for almost anyone. Those who attempt a Mix Master Drink that are not of Mix Master Status often times fail misserably.
Caution: This drink should only be attempted under Mix Master supervision
by Mix Master C August 10, 2006
The terrifying, curvy, 3-5 lanes, exit only, no crossing over, always traffic-jammed intersection of Interstate 84 and Route 8, located in scenic Waterbury, Connecticut.
Dude, I almost got killed merging on the Mixmaster last night!
by Waterbarbarian June 18, 2004
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