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Short for Rice Krispies Treats as said by Donovan Strain from ButteryAssMondays. No, its not RKT...
You can eat as much RCT as you want before you skate unlike Gatorade that makes you full and hard to get down with it.
by greeeenmajik July 29, 2009
Pronounced (es-es-yo-yo)

shit, sucks, your on your own.
Friend: Damnit!!!!! I have 3 essays and a project due tomorrow!!
You: Wow... well s.s. yo-yo!
by greeeenmajik June 26, 2009
Also known as Fort Lee, New Jersey. You know where the George Washington Bridge is right? Fort Lee is where the bridge leads to from New York.
A: Yo who the fuck brought this guy to the party?
B: Chillax man!! He's from the sixth boro~ He's C's friend.
B: Oh... yo.. my bad XD
by greeeenmajik July 10, 2009

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