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RAL is an acronym for french "rire aux larmes" which means "tears of laughter".

Can be use to replace lol, mdr, ptdr, lmao, rofl.
Personne A: Ce renoi ne cessera donc jamais d'humecter de sérieux phallus?

Personne B: RAL! Non je crois en plus que c'est le gars qui oeuvre sous le nom de "Luc" et "Taxe", quel tapette.
by Pure Chienne March 13, 2011
Ral- Highly approving of, or liking, or aggreeing. Saying yes, or said when theres nothing else to say.

(Not having to do with sex like previous deffinitions said)

If something is good, u say, un ral

Do you like my new shoes? RAL!

yea nigga, RAL!!!! GUNIT !!!!!!!! lol
gunit sux ass by the way
by Mike February 14, 2005
(noun) Cigarette
(verb) to have a ral.

Origin is from the Full Flavor Doral.
Wana haaaaveee a ral?
Do you have a ral?
by Nauss April 16, 2007
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