Random Act of Kindness.

Just an unexpected, and completely random, act of a good deed, hence kindness.
"I figured I'd pay for his meal. You know, just an RAK."
"Random Act of Kindness."
by Dave July 07, 2004
To steal or shoplift an items
"Dude I just raked that shit hard"

Earsnot-Pimp Graffiti artist had used this in his infamy doc. Please feel free to watch "infamy" on youtube
by Mr.SquirrelNuts May 08, 2011
Abbreviation: Ras Al-Khaimah

It means in English: The top of the Tent

a city and an emirate of the country United Arab Emirates (UAE) located in the Middle East. Major cities of this country are Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Dude 1: What is the national anthem of RAK ?

Dude 2: koko makbar koko
by Dude Where is my Car? May 28, 2008
A Definition That Graffiti Writers Use That Means To Steal Supplies.
"Danny Raks all his cans never paid for none of em..."
by Rucaalove November 30, 2007
a word made by some random asian kid named Jaycifer
several meanings for this one

"to rock", "to kill someone", "rapist" , "gay killer, "abuser" , "Police", and "God", or anything you may wish to link.

Example 1.
1st Person:mama papakulay ako buhok "violet"

2nd Person: violet anak? putangina mo. baket violet pwede naman black a.
1st Person: eh kasi po ma RAK po aq RAK..

Example 2.
1st person: Pare sali ka frat?
2nd Person: Tangina mo frat frat pa wala na nga makaen?
1st Person: pare astig kasi may silvers at gold na nabibili dame pa chiks!
2nd Person: di ko kelangan yan RAK ako RAK!
1st Person: tangina pre astig ah RAK na rin ako RAK na!
2nd Person: Tangina ka. ako lang RAK
by Alagad ni Jaycifer April 18, 2010
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