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Random Act of Kindness.

Just an unexpected, and completely random, act of a good deed, hence kindness.
"I figured I'd pay for his meal. You know, just an RAK."
"Random Act of Kindness."
by Dave July 07, 2004
128 46
Abbreviation: Random Asian Kid
That RAK is spazzing.
by DC93 October 31, 2006
110 51
Abbreviation: Ras Al-Khaimah

It means in English: The top of the Tent

a city and an emirate of the country United Arab Emirates (UAE) located in the Middle East. Major cities of this country are Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Dude 1: What is the national anthem of RAK ?

Dude 2: koko makbar koko
by Dude Where is my Car? May 28, 2008
65 56
To steal or shoplift an items
"Dude I just raked that shit hard"

Earsnot-Pimp Graffiti artist had used this in his infamy doc. Please feel free to watch "infamy" on youtube
by Mr.SquirrelNuts May 08, 2011
18 14
A Definition That Graffiti Writers Use That Means To Steal Supplies.
"Danny Raks all his cans never paid for none of em..."
by Rucaalove November 30, 2007
30 31
a word made by some random asian kid named Jaycifer
several meanings for this one

"to rock", "to kill someone", "rapist" , "gay killer, "abuser" , "Police", and "God", or anything you may wish to link.

Example 1.
1st Person:mama papakulay ako buhok "violet"

2nd Person: violet anak? putangina mo. baket violet pwede naman black a.
1st Person: eh kasi po ma RAK po aq RAK..

Example 2.
1st person: Pare sali ka frat?
2nd Person: Tangina mo frat frat pa wala na nga makaen?
1st Person: pare astig kasi may silvers at gold na nabibili dame pa chiks!
2nd Person: di ko kelangan yan RAK ako RAK!
1st Person: tangina pre astig ah RAK na rin ako RAK na!
2nd Person: Tangina ka. ako lang RAK
by Alagad ni Jaycifer April 18, 2010
15 20