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Super cool in get-ups, wardrobe, hairstyle, and everything...
He's astig dude!
Wow! how astig naman your get-up man!
by Lara Croft January 15, 2005
- unique, cool, or fashionable
- reversed form of the word tigas
- Keep up the good work pare!!! Astig!!!
- Astig ka talaga, fafa! Idol!
by [ReM] April 22, 2005
pronounced ahhs-teeg

used to describe anything cool, kick-ass or badass awesome

derived from tigas, which means hard or tough
Have you seen the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" in 3D? Oh man, astig!

Astig! His back is covered with tribal tattoo.

Kung naiintindihan mo 'to, astig ka.
by knowstrils October 04, 2009