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Rest and Relaxation.
I'm heading to Boracay for some R and R
by VJ June 09, 2006
R and R stands for read and review, often found in summaries or at the end/beginning of internet novells and such.

Can also refer to rest and relaxation.
So everyone please R and R!

I'm going to R and R this weekend.
by asdfghjklöä December 23, 2010
rawdogging randoms. Where a guy has sex with a woman without wearing any protection (such as a condom).
guy 1- I need some r and r.
guy 2- But bro we're about to go party.
guy 1- Yea, I'm about to rawdog some randoms!!!
by mr. icet123mofro July 10, 2011
Stands for Rip and Resell. The practice of purchasing used CDs, ripping them to a digital format, and then reselling them for approximately the same price.
CD for sale. R and R. Mint condition, only used once.
by John Anderson2 February 14, 2008