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The hottest piece of man-meat ever to exist; Intellectually as sharp as a knife, and with a wit to match. Quinns generally are always right, which bothers people, but Quinn then gently explains why it's okay that he's right, which calms them down. Women are naturally attracted to Quinns because of their swimmer body; Which consist of rocking abs, massive biceps, calves of iron, steel triceps, tight buns, all of which could score glass. People are always jealous of Quinns because their an absolute god in bed. Can be easily described as bi-sexy and most are usually half Asian. Quinns are friends with all the beautiful, gorgeous, popular, movie-star-type people. In fact, a Quinn created that clique. The sun shines out of Quinns anus, and makes everyone smile when Quinn walks by. Quinn is always more successful then everyone else in everything. It has been said that everything that has ever happened in history has been either the result of a Quinn, or happened to produce a Quinn. Getting a Quinn for a friend is the best thing that could happen to anyone. A Quinn will light up the dark, will make the ordinary extraordinary, and make the plain magnificent. In Quinns hands you will find trust and comfort, happiness, and joy. Quinn will always be trustworthy. A Quinn is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room, and brings a unique pleasing aroma into the room, quite like a basket of roses after a mid-days shower. Basically, Quinns are the most amazing guy you will EVER meet.
Dude: Hey, see that guy over there?
Hotchick: You the one with the glowing butt?
Dude: yes!... wait... you don't know??
Hotchick: Know what?
Dude: That's a Quinn!!! The freakin' sun shines out of his anus!
Hotchick: That's so sexy! I vow to sleep with that Quinn.
Dude: I know right? Who wouldn't??...I mean.... Have fun, I wouldn't want to.
Dudes mental thoughts: Damn it!! Curse Quinns for being so Bi-sexy!!!
by Etziodooie54 March 17, 2011

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