a vaginal expulsion of gas. usually caused during intercourse. most disturbing and extremely unattractive.
if a woman ever tried to quief on me while i was banging her, id be like "hey, you stop farting all over my penis, and make me a pie.
by cody May 21, 2004
The excuse that your girlfriend uses when she has farted
"She tried to convince me that it was a quief but something began to smell bad..."
by Kaiser_fj November 17, 2006
the noise that you hear when air is released from the vagina
did you fart?
no, that was just a quief.
by justmee November 14, 2003
A fart emitted from the vaginal cavity of a woman's uterine wall.
when dorothy (a 74 year old female metrosexual with brown hair) and elliot are gettin' it on, she quiefs violently.
by Jammasta Lark November 25, 2003
A pussy fart. If a girl sits on her knees and then lays forward sticking her ass in the air, she can do kuegel excercises which opens the pussy letting in air, and then clenching the muscles together forcing the air out, making a farting noise. If she's talented enough, she can do it many times in a row.
this bitch can assume the possition and quief all night long
by kylsox October 16, 2008
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