A snatch burb or sneeze that is caused by penetration of anything, including a douche, emitting air causing the snatch to expand and yawn and emit an amount of air.
Anne the dwarf, was FUCKING her husband Smurf, she was orgasimic all night long and let out a quief during the orgasims
by Kate April 09, 2004
A Quief is a vaginal explosion of the female reproductive system.
O-M-G, Shelly bent over and quiefed.
by Quea-f October 31, 2003
When you fuck a women, and she farts through her Vagina
Kevin Reeves quiefs daily
by matt July 16, 2003
when woman farts out of her vagina, producing a disgusting smell.
yo man yesterday roman smelled like quief!
by Mr.B.Vieira May 13, 2006
thats the most disgusting thing that could happen when you are down their eatin' her out, and then....sssppppfffff!!! she quiefs in your face and the smell goes down your throat and you puke!
lets not give any graphic examples
by nikink September 08, 2004
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