a number of fart bubbles that flow up threw the vagina which causes a sensation like no other
"My boyfriend and I broke up after i quiefed on his peepee"
by Quief monsterrr April 28, 2007
Coming from, or passing through the vagina, crotch, pussy, or "love box" of a woman which has no distinct smell to it.
As Amanda was squatting 200lbs, she accidently let out a quief.
by Quief Master Mander May 24, 2003
A vaginal fart that comes from a whole lot of screwing!
One night, after a bootylicious time w/ my man, i let out the longest, wettest, loudest quief. i kind of quief a lot.
by Puddy April 07, 2004
When a fart comes out of a womens vagina!
This site is so funny it made Brooke Quief
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
When you fuck a women, and she farts through her vagina
Kevin Reeves quiefs daily
by matt July 16, 2003
A Cunt Fart
Michael fucks the rock as he lets out a huge quief.
by Quief Man October 26, 2003

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