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Aussie slang for a lazy person.
A boss would say "get back to work you lazy bludgers!!"
by bread infection October 21, 2005
One who lives off or profits by the work of others while making no contribution.
Originally British slang meaning pimp, its currency has continued in Australia while it has died out in Britain.
Why don't you get off your arse and give us a hand, ya bludger!
by dYsLeXiA January 11, 2005
Slack arse prick who does fuck all, yet pretends he's king fuckin' dick.
He's a useless bludger; he couldn't get a root in a brothel!
by rowdy roddy May 15, 2003
lazy person, layabout, somebody who always relies on other people to do things or lend him things
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
A man who sits on his arse watching the Wiser (TV) and who leeches of his to get by Wife. Generally looks like a balding middle age man with a gut that sits ontop of the table-
"Did ya hear about that Bludger next door? Begging his poor bloody wife for a 50 to go and get pissed at the local Watering Hole"
by Nanger April 05, 2004
A Scotsman
Look at those skirt wearing lazy arsed bludgers north of the border, syphoning off English money like its theirs
by Stevo77 May 14, 2015
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