Someone who is queer and being a weirdo at the same time.
That motherfoya is a major queerdo cuz he beats off to car magizines
by BLAH BLAH November 24, 2003
Justin Bieber

(aka a combination of weird and queer/in some ways u put it, gay)
Justin Bieber is such a queerdo
by Watever4344 January 23, 2011
Any excessively weird and/or creepy homosexual.
Do you see the way Jesse Ray is always stuntin' across the quad with his fur coat and girl pants? I don't have anything against gay people but that guy is a serious queerdo.
by OmegaCerebro June 17, 2009
A Person that is the highest peak of weird. He/she isn't necessarily really queer (gay/lesbian).
Oh god that guy with the green hair is SUCH a queerdo!
by Lksdlvr94 March 21, 2009
simply being queer and a weirdo at the same time...
Chad is so annoying.. what a queerdo
by lalaladybug February 26, 2009
someone who is gay and extremely weird
Clay is such a queerdo.
by AlicksShmalicks February 28, 2004
1. A weird guy who dresses like a queer.

2. A queer that dresses like a douche
Dude, that weird guy with the lazy eye that who's way overdressed is a total queerdo.
by Karb0 December 03, 2010
A queer weird person
"Josh is Queer and weird"

"yeah he's a Queerdo"
by KeivanK November 24, 2010
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