When someone is so obsurd they merit being called both 'queer' and 'weirdo' at the same time
That crazy homeless guy who tried to marry me last night was a total queerdo.
by pennylane0000 January 11, 2012
A word to which describes someone with such social awkwardness that makes them considered ludicrous by society.
Guy 1: I have a banana in my sock.
Guy 2: Why???
Guy 1: It was cold.
Guy 2: Your a queerdo.
by AnthroWolf01 August 11, 2011
When someone you know is acting queeringly weird.
Friend 1: "Check out my pic at Disney wearing a sailor suit while posing with Donald Duck!"

Friend 2: "QUEERDO!"
by raddik March 15, 2011
When someone does something incredably stupid and are acting queer and weird

Nick for believing that he invented the word
Nick is a queerdo for believing that he invented the word
A person who is strange and has strange habits, also a person who just stays to himself. A combination of weirdo and queer.

Or speaks when no one is speaking to him. An outcast you can say.
"That dude just sits there and stares at me all day. What a queerdo!"
by Noelle C. April 07, 2008
Describes a person acting in a suggestively camp and socially deviant manner. An amalgamation of the words queer and weirdo. This definition did NOT originate from Lizard, rather it came from a fine gent called 'Makka'
- That bloke was behaving a bit f*****g strange, he was slurpy-slurping all over you!

- Yeah I know, he's a right queerdo!
by Mackman March 03, 2008
a mix of a queer-dork and a wierdo.
Jamie, youre such a queerdo!
by jelcy85 February 25, 2008
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