When someone is so obsurd they merit being called both 'queer' and 'weirdo' at the same time
That crazy homeless guy who tried to marry me last night was a total queerdo.
by pennylane0000 January 11, 2012
A word to which describes someone with such social awkwardness that makes them considered ludicrous by society.
Guy 1: I have a banana in my sock.
Guy 2: Why???
Guy 1: It was cold.
Guy 2: Your a queerdo.
by AnthroWolf01 August 11, 2011
When someone you know is acting queeringly weird.
Friend 1: "Check out my pic at Disney wearing a sailor suit while posing with Donald Duck!"

Friend 2: "QUEERDO!"
by raddik March 15, 2011
Any excessively weird and/or creepy homosexual.
Do you see the way Jesse Ray is always stuntin' across the quad with his fur coat and girl pants? I don't have anything against gay people but that guy is a serious queerdo.
by OmegaCerebro June 17, 2009
When someone does something incredably stupid and are acting queer and weird

Nick for believing that he invented the word
Nick is a queerdo for believing that he invented the word
A Person that is the highest peak of weird. He/she isn't necessarily really queer (gay/lesbian).
Oh god that guy with the green hair is SUCH a queerdo!
by Lksdlvr94 March 21, 2009
simply being queer and a weirdo at the same time...
Chad is so annoying.. what a queerdo
by lalaladybug February 26, 2009

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