A particularly strange, eccentric sausage jockey
Fuckin hell, would you look at that pink panted queerdo!
#faggot #queer #weirdo #gay #hom
by Brother Numpsy November 22, 2005
A queerdo is a person who act's like they are gay but is really just making fun of gay people.
A person who is sick in the head.
A person who is ill alot.
"Gawd, Jeff is such an queerdo, I wonder if he bought that hawiin summer shirt or it jumped on him?"
#phycos #asshole #bugaboo #jackoff #homaphobic #sicko
by Zay Brown March 18, 2006
queerdo-A person who acts queer and is a weirdo

Came from Nitschmann Middle School
Phillip was such a queerdo , no one liked him.
by Frogger April 24, 2005
a person who is being annoying or difficult. Someone who doesn't want to cooperate
You are being such a queerdo, just let me copy your homework!
#queer #annoying #queerdoo #loser #pooter
by claudia2cool March 21, 2006
a perosn (or thing) that is both queer and weird. Can also say as queerd instead.
that maniac just killed 12 ppl with a steel dildo! What a queedo!
by georgton November 13, 2004
a queer weirdo
by brandnewlove August 19, 2003
When a male likes kinky dick.
The queerdo cashier gets excited when the male stripper buys cucumber.
#kinky #gay #queer #paraphilias #stripper
by Penske Evans September 12, 2015
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