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A queek is a person who is queer who is also simultaneously a geek.
So the other day I was at Starbuck's and this queek was majorly checking me out...
by Josiah Boeggeman July 02, 2004
A gay nerd, a queer geek.
Why are so many Queeks into Batman?
It's the whole Batman/Robin relationship
by Alf April 06, 2006
Queek is a portmanteau of the term "queen of geek"
OMG, she keeps talking about Matlab, she totally deserves the title of Queek!
by chiarita November 19, 2010
(n) an expulsion of female ejaculate from the urethra during sexual intercourse, often in response to G-spot stimulation

(v) to expel female ejaculate from the urethra during or just prior to orgasm
"He's never going to hook up with me again! I totally queeked last night!"

"Dude, there was queek everywhere. It was a hot mess."
by Viceroy Katchelton III Sr. May 06, 2012
One who finds it hard to even kick a rock.
a.k.a. AN IDIOT!!!
Dude, did you just see the guy with that ingromeck haircut! I bet he's a queek!
by Malou Jaggli March 09, 2004
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