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A queek is a person who is queer who is also simultaneously a geek.
So the other day I was at Starbuck's and this queek was majorly checking me out...
by Josiah Boeggeman July 02, 2004
47 17
A gay nerd, a queer geek.
Why are so many Queeks into Batman?
It's the whole Batman/Robin relationship
by Alf April 06, 2006
23 16
Queek is a portmanteau of the term "queen of geek"
OMG, she keeps talking about Matlab, she totally deserves the title of Queek!
by chiarita November 19, 2010
8 8
(n) an expulsion of female ejaculate from the urethra during sexual intercourse, often in response to G-spot stimulation

(v) to expel female ejaculate from the urethra during or just prior to orgasm
"He's never going to hook up with me again! I totally queeked last night!"

"Dude, there was queek everywhere. It was a hot mess."
by Viceroy Katchelton III Sr. May 06, 2012
2 5
One who finds it hard to even kick a rock.
a.k.a. AN IDIOT!!!
Dude, did you just see the guy with that ingromeck haircut! I bet he's a queek!
by Malou Jaggli March 09, 2004
7 31
Dove doo bye bye
"Right, I'm off now. Queek"
by Suki June 06, 2003
4 30