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Suki- (Japanese)
Meaning "Beloved"
"Hells beloved Suki Lies Here"

Yeah, keep hoping I die, Bitches.
by Suki March 21, 2005
Protraximine Hydrochloride. A controversial medication still in clinical trials, but has shown great promise. A physical dose of fistus maximus to ones face or any random part of the body. Sometimes multiple doses are required to get the desired results. Can be lethal, use with caution.
That bitch never shuts up he needs a dose of protraxis, maybe two...
by suki October 18, 2004
Dove doo bye bye
"Right, I'm off now. Queek"
by Suki June 06, 2003
Nice Guy
1. Term commonly used for self-description by men who routinely fail to capture the interest of any women. The name is a misnomer because typically these men fail to exhibit any attitudes or behaviors that would distinguish them as "nice". These men are the lifeblood of the mail order bride industry.

Characteristics include:
-Lack of any backbone or moral fiber that would allow them to even consider that perhaps their own faults and shortcomings are the root of their problems
-Bitterness and self-pity that is expressed by pronouncing all women idiots who would rather date jerks
-delusions of grandeur/revenge fantasies in which at age 40-50 they will suddenly become irresistible to 20-something Angelina Jolie (except hotter)look-alikes while all the women who rejected them decades earlier will be single and living with 200 cats.
I'm 35 years old and still living at home, I have no life, and the only girlfriend I've ever had is made out of plastic, but women don't want me because I'm such a nice guy.
by Suki March 25, 2005

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