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A fart or expultion of air from a vagina. Very rarely, man queefes occur. This is when air is expelled from the hole in a penis
When i was licking her puss, she queefed in my mouth. It was sick.
by The Sweeper July 05, 2003
Pussy Fart
I was in so deep she queefed
by johnny November 20, 2003
Term coined to represent the plural of the word queef. Invented by Neil Lobo, a proud initiate of the GNAA.
I stepped into the lesbian protest group and was quickly overwhelmed by the stench of hundreds of wafting queeves.
by monzacorvair66 December 05, 2004
French people use that term for German Girls
Regarde cette fille, je suis sûre que c'est "un pet de fouffe"

In English : " Look at that girl, i'm pretty sure she's a queefe "
by Nipple Pablo December 05, 2007
A drink made by French Gallenteans.
The dirty Gallente queefed up a drink
by Anonymous August 19, 2003