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Some say you only need 15% ROI in poker, but Andy 'Bad Beat', known as Zygodactyl on Full Tilit Poker, the online trash talking phenomenon has 20%.

It was during one of the famous cash games at Ray & Dons Room AKA the very big game where the term queck was first used. Andy, meaning to check accidentally said 'queck'. The table was in awe. Everyone loved the word queck so much, wanting to use it as much as possible therefore decided queck would be a good substitute for most words in the dictionary. 'lol' was now lol-queck, ('check' was obviously now queck - a crowd favourite) and 'what a sick beat you fishy n00b' became simply queck-a-queck-queck-queck-quecky-n00b.

Controversially, queck has been used in more than a majority of words (besides verbs, nouns, adjectives etc) such as pronouns, conjunctions and by some people literally every word possible.
'Your a quecking donk'

(In doing the poki-roki dance) 'Queck to the left then queck to the right

'Why would you queck on the turn, you should have quecked!'

'Queck Quecky Mc-Queck Queck Queck Queck Queck Queck!'
by RaySmey April 14, 2010
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