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A dance one does when dealt dem poki-roki's (two aces) in your hole cards in texas hold-em. The dances choreography is that of raising ones arms while your hands are pointing outwards horizontally; then making a 'wobbling' motion with your arms and head.

Much has been debated over the origins of the poki-roki dance. Some have even proclaimed it was first used by the Ancient Egyptians (due its similar style). However it was infact first used in a poker room in Aberdeen during the early 21st century by players desperate to be dealt dem poki-roki's.

It is now used by many who want or who have just been dealt two aces.
The following two scenarios show a realistic reenactment of a typical poki-roki- dance related converstation

Example 1:

(player is dealt aces) Player: 'do the poki-roki dance!' (Note: this is usually done online to avoid tells)

Example 2:

(player want aces) Player 1: 'do the poki-roki dance!'

Player 2: 'how? What is it'

Player 3: 'are you a n00b?

Player 1: queck to the left then queck to the right. I love dem rocks!
by RaySmey April 14, 2010
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