acronym for Return On Investment
- applied to sexual relations earned after spending time and money trying to garner a woman's favor. (Ex: . Usage Note: The person who receives the ROI does not have to be the person that put the time in. Ex: Jason spent months taking Laura out and spent lots of money, but his friend Mike got the ROI. Editor's Note: thanks are due to Jason Cox for creating this term
After 14 dates worth of dinners and drinks he still had not received his R.O.I.
by mdiaz April 28, 2005
Return on Investment

You invest in a night out (drinks, transport, club entry, etc.)... the return is a pull
John: What was your ROI like last night?

Ben: I got with 3 girls and took one back to mine

John: Great ROI
by ChiefROI November 27, 2011
Puuuure sarcastic comment. Means what the fuck?
SamJ: "Throwing someones plane ticket away would be funny"

Chazza and Jon: "Roi?"
by roy chaz July 10, 2008
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