A place in Canada where the French decendants all come from Frnch whores. The King of France saw that the colonists were sad because it was cold and boring so he exported thousands of Frnch prostitutes to fuck the lonely colonists. They did and the result was a population full of daughters and sons of whores. (except for the Irish. they came later cuz they were hungry.

Quebec guy: Yes? what do you want?
by paddy April 04, 2005
A part of canada witch does not want to be part of canada, because canada does not like the french.(much less understand it.) The makers of the POUTINE and the BLOCK party witch promotes leaving canada because they belive if they do they wont have to listen to us, but they would still like to use the canadian currency. Also known as the DESIESE OF CANADA. They also do not allow english signs.
Quebecers are not wanted.
by Ariakna July 12, 2005
A place where the people wine and cry about having to be so special and everyone should see them as. French speaking morons that get upset when a store sign is in English because it makes them have to read a english word.

A province of Canada that should be kicked out of such a great country.
Wow man I went to Quebec to ski and found out the only thing they can talk about is English. Man I don't care too much when I see people speaking French.
by Joe Tippytoes September 14, 2003
A province that is sucking the life out of the rest of Canada. French speaking snobs
1. Quebec wants to become their own country so they are holding the Canadian government hostage forcing them to pay billions or they will leave Canada.

2. After Quebec leaves Canada, Canada (or parts) will become the 51st state of the United States of America.
by Jer March 02, 2004

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