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PROTECTIVE CUSTODY,pc is a term thats commonly used in the canadian carceral system to define inmates that cant survive in general population.
let`s jack dat pc fool!
by RICOG$ October 30, 2005
strain of weed grown hydroponically in canada
blazed some qg last night man that quebec gold is da bombdiggidy!!
by RICOG$ November 02, 2005
canadian third world political party based in quebec that thinks that anything english threatens the very existence of the quebec french population. so they came up with the bright idea of trying to seperate the province of quebec from the rest of canada.
the parti-quebecois next move:colonize the moon and make it a french utopia...lets hope they forget to bring the oxygen!!
by RICOG$ November 02, 2005
french canadian term for police informer see (rat)
(criss) de mangeud`marde!
by RICOG$ October 30, 2005
jamaican crack dealers do this to female (custy`s) when they have no money but want some candy its consist of washing the (batty)(ass hole) with her tongue for crack cocaine
that girl gave me some battywash for 2 (stones)!!!
by RICOG$ October 31, 2005
drug terminology for a joint/blunt of weed mixed with crack cocaine.
man, pass that juicey to that left!
by RICOG$ October 30, 2005
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