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Quebec City is the oldest city in North America after Jamestown and the only walled city in north of Mexico (400 yrs old in 2008). It's the second biggest city in Quebec (province) after Montreal and the 7 in Canada (Population of Quebec is about 720 000 citizens). Mostly residants of Quebec City hate Mtl and the fuc*ing habs. Quebec City is the city that has the most hockey fans in america.
Quebec City had the biggest rivality in all sports; Nordiques-Canadiens
by mtdqcc June 26, 2007
C'est un cr** de canadien,anglo-francophone,british,etc. C'est notre facon ,nous les Quebecois, de traité les os*** d'anglais de cave comme eux qui nous traite de PEPPER. On les retrouves: à Montreal,dans les villes touristiques pi dans tout le reste du canada.

It's a fuc*ing canadian (who is born out of
quebec and who is mother language is english) or an english tourist.It's our way ,us the Quebecois, to answer to the english people that call us PEPPER. We find them in Montreal,in the tourist cities and in all the rest of canada.
Exemple 1
Anglais: Sorry gentlemen where is the Chateau Frontenac ?
Personne A: (Rire) On y répond pas c'est une cr** de tête carré!
Personne B: Y'a juste à retourné dans son pays le ''Canada'' l'os*** de tête carré.

Exemple 2
Quebecois:S'cuse tu pourrais tu me dire sont où les marteaux?
Anglais:Sorry mister i'm not speaking french!
Quebecois:Messemblait aussi que t'avait l'aire d'une coliss de tête carré.
by mtdqcc June 26, 2007
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