Québec is a beautiful province in eastern Canada. It's capital city is Québec City and it's other main cities are Montréal and Gatineau.

Most Québécois are of french descent and speak french, but there are also many other cultures and nationalities here, especially recently QC has been becoming more multicultural.

Although some people believe Quebeckers to be very patriotic and think that we all want to separate from Canada this is not true, many people here love Canada and if it came down to it would rather be Canadian then Québécois. Also, most people in the major cities are biligual and have no problem with speaking english to anglophone people.

Quebeckers use some words that are not present in french from France (called joual) such as "itou" (sometimes used for also/too instead of "aussi")and have an accent that is said to have been the accent of France before they came to Canada (some people in QC say "moé" for "moi", etc)

Québec's drinking age is 18, Quebeckers love to party and are very friendly and welcoming people!
Québécois guy: Le Québec est la meilleure province dans tout le Canada!!!

Other Québécois guy: Moi itou je pense ça!!
by emyyy May 20, 2009
'Quebec' is a Cree word meaning the narrowing (or widening) of the waters. In Scottish it would translate as Glasgow
by Nigel June 25, 2003
First off, they are not a snobby province. When you look at an entire population, you notice that not everyone is the same. Not everyone wants the same things. BLOQ party won't ever win, because the things they propose are dumb and idiotic. Quebec law states that a sign must at least have French in it, as they are a bilingual province. They are not saying "Lets only have French in our signs." They do not hate English speaking people. Some will. So what? Why give a flying fuck what they think? Some English speaking people hate French speaking people and it's ridiculous. There will always be haters, doesnt mean they have a good readon to do so. We are not all about Strip Clubs and beer and hockey. Like any province, we have culture and a history behind our existance. When you generalize a province or a state, saying that all it's people are this way and that, you are doing what you critize them for doing to you.

Just be equals. Do not generalize.
Quebec is a province where not everyone thinks the same. Just like any state or city or any place in the world.

Will the world just grow up and stop being pompous hating bastards and love eachother already?
by MeowWoof July 28, 2009
A place where most people speak a better French than in France itself and where they are proud of it. A place formerly called Nouvelle-France, which was an under-populated French colony that was streching from Nova-Scotia to Louisiana and that England conquered in 1760. The reason why you American declared you independance in 1776 (it's true: England regave us all territories west of the Appalachian, where you wanted to settle, in order to avoid a revolt). A place in North America which is 10 times larger than France... but 5 times less populated! A place where some patriots where killed because they where seeking liberty in 1838. And a place that is much more than poutine, hockey and tabarnak.
The largest city in Québec is Montréal.
by meteora888 November 17, 2011
The French speaking part of Canada that the rest of Canada hates.
Man 1: "Why do we have to learn French, I only speak English"
Man. 2: "Its because of Quebec"
Man 1: Quebecers are all gay, I wish they would leave Canada already.
by Guns and God August 09, 2012
Based on a rong running idea, Quebec is basically the same thing as Iraq. This theory was later proven by the show Workaholics during a conversation in Karl the "human genius's" rape van.
Karl: "Me and Blake were in Iraq together"
Blake: "That was Quebec dude"
Adam: "Quebec, Iraq its all the same thing"
by smurfmelter August 07, 2011
Quebec = "Q" letter in International Morse Alphabet.
Also, in maritime navigation, Q (QUEBEC) = "my vessel is healthy and I request free practique" and is represented by an yellow rectangular flag.
Q = --.-
<<Quebec>> is the pronunciation for "Q" letter in Morse Alphabet.
by Marinaru August 28, 2006
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